Dominia - Angel's Suicide

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Dominia - Angel's Suicide

Время проигрывания: 06:56
Дата добавления: 2018-07-15
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A declaration of victory.
They were determined to ruin the Earth
Obscene sacrileges. The new age has come
The one whose heart was removed at birth
in the name of love,
Clonned humans, dwarfed nations, the new law

The reasons for not seeing a tragic death of a friend,
Absence of taste and dying out purity
For this refined pleasure,
the hauntings, ghostly children - No regret
Triumph of death, the moral insanity

Dear Father, we can't even cry,
That shatters our dreams, controls our minds
We despise frozen ocean in your eyes
On broken wings
We're obsessed with lust and hate
Then, as the end begins...
The last endeavour. But it's too late

D'you see more then your burnt eyes do? The humble truth,
Supreme principles... Exploding hell lights up our life
We leave this paradise with a shining smile of eternal youth
Infected, crippled angel's suicide

Repeat Chorus

Клип Dominia - Angel's Suicide

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