Pauli Carman - Dial My Number Extended Version

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Pauli Carman - Dial My Number (Extended Version)

Время проигрывания: 05:39
Дата добавления: 2016-10-14
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Текст песни:

Your love's the ocean

Don't fight the feeling
Feel there's a fever going round
It captures emotions
And then attacks when resistance is down girl
It's been such a long time
But you still know where the cure can be found

So dial up my number, come on lover
The next time he leaves you alone
you should dial up my number
Babe when you need somebody to hold girl

Dial up my number, come on over
The next time he leaves you alone (you alone)
You should dial up my number
Cause i'm in the mood for serious love

Lost in the moment
As we surrender ourselves to the night
Searching for feelings
That we have lost somewhere down the line
Passions between us
Love you is wrong but it feels so right


Your love's the ocean with two ships that lost at sea
Foolish devotion, we're wild hot can't you see
Two hearts in motion, in search of a happiness
Captured emotions are right there at your fingertips
Girl, yeahhh

No use pretending
Give in the darkness and run from the light
Two clandestine (endings ?)
Testing our faith, our will to survive
Don't chase pretenders
He is not yours and you are not mine

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