Suicide Boys x Black Smurf - Smoke Break

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Suicide Boys x Black Smurf - Smoke Break

Время проигрывания: 03:31
Дата добавления: 2018-03-31
Загрузок: 904
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Текст песни:

verse 1 Black Smurf

Dry in the street on the creep
Smoked my last blunt, made a nigga start to tweak (damn)
crim hit to Chetta tell em pull up
But I aint got woods for the rollup
moke dat 'till we pass out
You aint put in no funds get your ass out (pussy)
Baby sit, Imma lash out
Taking blunts to the head till I cash out (work)
Im a fiend for the weed like a stoner
Keep your lies, I just need marijuana
Backwoods till Im in a kush coma
Hot box car feel like a sauna
I love this money this money
But Mary she do something to me
I need it I fiend it I want it
Feel sober I go and I roll it (smoke)

Verse 2 Yung Chrit

100 dolla im living
Break 'em off with that llama
Codeine up in my kidneys
Got that smoke like a sauna
You can't play with my money
20 oz. and some mud
Bad temper like Sonny and I'm fulla them drugs
Up in East Memphis with Hutle
Bitch I'm outta them slums
All them convicts my muscle
Eat them pills like they Tums
I got that work if you need it
I might just rob you and keep it
It ain't no secret I'm the one they call Jesus

Verse 3 Yung Mutt

Smoking and driving
Smoking and driving got me into trouble a couple of times
I remember when I had to piss in a cup for a couple of summers in 2009
Hot boxing feeling like a tropic hot spot
Until the fucking 5-0 call the K9 snotting for that fucking pot though I told the cop we didn't smoke weed with fucking seeds
So what he mean explain this please?
I should have grabbed the fucking weed and peaced
Asking me to rat
Bitch I'll take my chances in court
Do my time and pay the fees


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